November/December 2019

November/December 2019


Elise Siegel

Ylise Kessler Gallery

Walking into a show of Elise Siegel’s ceramic “portrait” busts can be an unsettling and awkward experience. There they are—in this case, five works on pedestals—their gazes quizzical and eager, as though you, the visitor, are expected to bring something to the conversation. click here for full review


Ylise Kessler Gallery | Fall Newsletter

As the Fall art season begins, we want to share with you some exciting changes that are in the air at Ylise Kessler Gallery! Click here to read more


Ylise Kessler Gallery opens an exhibition of works by by Julian Hatton and Kay Harvey

SANTA FE, NM.- Ylise Kessler Gallery has announced an exhibition of abstract landscape paintings by Julian Hatton, and shaped collages and ceramic works by Kay Harvey. The exhibition opens Friday, July 12 and runs through August 17. Click here to read more


Julian Hatton Gives an Artist Talk! And Your Mid-Summer Reading List

For a while now I’ve wanted to write a post about how to deliver a good artist’s talk when you have a show at a gallery or museum, but obviously I just haven’t gotten around to it. I was reminded of the subject Saturday afternoon when Julian Hatton spoke before a small group at Ylise Kessler Gallery in Santa Fe, where he has a number of large and small works on display, along with sculptures and collages by Kay Harvey. click here to read more

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 3.37.54 PM.png
Curation and Installation by Ylise Kessler Fine Art

Curation and Installation by Ylise Kessler Fine Art


‘Everybody’s welcome’ by MEGAN BENNETT / JOURNAL NORTH REPORTER Sunday, April 14th, 2019


Ylise Kessler has opened a gallery at 333 Montezuma Ave. Sculptures by David Kimball Anderson and paintings by Karen Miranda Rivadeneira are among the pieces in the gallery. (Eddie Moore/Albuquerque Journal) Click here to read full article

Art dealers look for new business models as retail galleries falter

Few retail experiences are more intimidating than walking into an art gallery.

The rooms are typically quiet, and most afternoons a solitary attendant sits before a computer screen. I feel intimidated when I enter these galleries, and I’ve been collecting original artwork for more than 30 years. Read more…


An Artist Rises, and Brings a Generation With Him

In a struggling neighborhood with a vibrant history, Titus Kaphar found a home for himself. Now he’s creating a center there to nurture emerging artists. Read more…

Three Artists Who Think Outside the Box

AS A YOUNG ARTIST getting started in Houston, Rick Lowe sought to address in his paintings the violence and poverty he saw in the city where he lived, especially in those historically black neighborhoods like the Third Ward that had been buffeted by decades of policy neglect. Read more…

The Challenges Female Artists Face Mid-Career

Each year, London-based collector Valeria Napoleone sets an acquisition budget for herself, and considers what works she might add to her roughly 400-work-strong collection of art by women, built over more than two decades. In the past five years, she noticed a strange, recurring phenomenon: Works by young artists, often barely out of grad school, commanded similar or higher prices than pieces by accomplished mid-career artists, some of whom she herself had been buying since the late 1990s. Read more…

Ten Galleries Whose Founders Quit The Big City To Become Cultural Trailblazers in the Heartland

“I’m the Gagosian of Memphis now,” jokes Matt Ducklo whose gallery Tops recently expanded to a second space. Six years ago, he opened the first location in the basement of a printing and stained-glass factory - to get down there, it’s a treacherous spelunk through a junk-filled hallway. Read more…

No Gallery? No Problem: 9 Millennial Art Strategies That Are Shaping the Future of Contemporary Art

Self-promotion shouldn't be a dirty word. Here's how millennial artists are using it to find success outside of the gallery system. Read more…

The Rapid Rise of Millennial Collectors Will Change How Art Is Bought and Sold via ARTSY

Groucho Marx once said that he never wanted to belong to any club that would accept him as a member. I feel a similar skepticism about being part of a club I never asked to join. Read more…

Done With Art Fairs, Dealers Invent New Exhibition Models to Liven Up Gallery Going VIa observer

For many small to mid-sized contemporary galleries, it’s widely agreed that art fairs are a necessary evil endured solely for the saving grace of getting a lot of eyes on their artists’ work. Read more…