YLISE KESSLER FINE ART was established in New York in 1987 to provide clients with a focused resource for developing and maintaining art collections. YKFA has provided art advisory services for corporations, private clients, and the architecture and design communities in New York and Santa Fe.

Based in Santa Fe, NM since 1999, YKFA is considered the premier resource in the contemporary art arena. Their roster of services has expanded to include curatorial and artist’s career management.



Ylise Kessler is an Independent Curator who thinks outside the box in creating innovative, thought provoking exhibitions. Her curatorial projects are imbued with fresh ideas and a global sensibility informed by extensive travel to museums, gallery exhibitions, art fairs, and biennials. YLISE KESSLER FINE ART produces pop-up shows, public art projects, and works with commercial galleries and institutions.


YLISE KESSLER FINE ART offers a full range of services to build and maintain an art program, whether it involves acquiring a few strategic pieces for key areas or art for an entire facility. Services include:

  • Acquisitions

  • Evaluation of existing art

  • Inventory

  • Framing

  • Installation

  • De-accession

  • Appraisal

  • Restoration and Conservation

  • Commissioning of works for site-specific areas


YLISE KESSLER FINE ART offers private, goal-oriented, strategic consulting for contemporary visual artists. 


Portfolio review and development
Strategic goal setting and planning
One-on-one studio visits and critiques
Non-profit and commercial gallery placement
Museum placement
Worldwide residency programs
Social media, website, and public relations guidance


YLISE KESSLER FINE ART will provide you with an in depth record of your existing art collection. A database will be created that will track every work of art from it’s initial sourcing to it’s current location. In between we will photograph and document each piece, write a condition report, list any loan activity, and advise on storage and conservation issues.


YLISE KESSLER FINE ART has worked with works of art created by the most prominent artists of our time. Sometimes, as emerging artists who went on to become world renown, others who had already achieved blue chip stature.

A partial list of artists whose original works have been placed by YKFA:

James Lee Byers
Agnes Martin
Roxy Paine
John McCracken
Leonardo Drew
Jason Middlebrook
Harmony Hammond
John Chamberlain
Suzanne Caporal
Susan York
Judy Tuwaletstiwa
Lucas Samaras

Edward Hopper
Joan Mitchell
Hans Hofmann
Henry Moore
Willem de Kooning
Lynda Benglis
Dale Chihuly
Henri Matisse
Jane Hammond
Philip Guston
Nicholas Africano
Stuart Davis

Marsden Hartley
Pablo Picasso
Howard Hodgkin
Milton Avery
Louise Nevelson
Richard Diebenkorn
Frank Stella
Georgia O'Keeffe
Alberto Giacometti
Lita Albuquerque
Ryan Wolfe

Ryan Wolfe,  Branching Systems , mixed media,  click for video

Ryan Wolfe, Branching Systems, mixed media, click for video

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